Living Our Mission Campaign

Living our Mission Update, January 2017

Social Ministry:

  • Our first project, the Social Ministry build out in the ACC was dedicated in October 2016.  It is a very, very, active center for serving those in need.  Our Food Pantry is always busy.  The new space has allowed us to expand offering thru the USDA programs, providing additional foods for our pantry at no cost to the parish.  The area consists of 3 offices, once storage area, a wonderful food pantry and a welcoming waiting room. 

Our next phase is accessibility

  • Our lift, although it looks the same, is brand new on the inside.  All new working parts.  It is much quitter, although a little more complicated to operate.  It has doors that automatically open (the doors controls are on the wall, see posted orange signs).  This will allow those in wheel chairs to enter and exit the lift unassisted. 
  • The next project is to update a restroom on the Mezzanine so it is accessible to all. However this project is on hold until we resolve an issue discovered during Social Ministry Build out Construction  (See water meter issue below)

Water Meter Issue:

  • Our current water meter to feed the entire Church, ACC, Parish Office Building and Catholic Charities is the original water meter installed on the house that is now the Parish Office.  It has been determined by the City that it is now considered too small for our facility and must be fixed.  Initially it was thought this would be an easy fix, just upgrade the water meter.  Unfortunately it is much more complicated and we are required to submit a Civil Engineering Site Plan and a Topographical Survey to the City for approval before we can proceed in obtaining bids to have this work done.  This issue must be resolved before we can do any work in the restrooms or the parish office for two reasons.  (1) Plumbing changes may have to take place and will not be approved until the meter issue is resolved (2) We do not know the financial impact of this issue yet.




Father Daniel's Message: 2016

Our Mission Statement reminds us always of our faith commitments: “Proclaim the Word of God, Celebrate the Eucharist and Serve the Local Community.” Our parish family has a proud and rich history. Ascension has always been a welcoming and generous parish. People have always felt at home here!

As a Parish Family, we join the Psalmist to ponder in our hearts, what return we can make to the Lord (Psalm 116:12). The Living Our Mission Campaign is now here in our home,Church of the Ascension, and we are all called to cherish and embrace it. This is the time for us to strengthen and deepen our faith commitments, and enhance our relationship with the Universal Church. What a wonderful privilege this campaign offers us, allowing us to share what we have for the well-being of the Church. People don’t need to ask for proof of what we are doing, it is easily seen by the way we promote social justice, help to alleviate suffering, serve others and foster hope!

In our life, everything happens for a reason, for our spiritual good, and if we can see itthrough the eyes of faith we can truly be transformed. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. Please, let us remember that we are not alone, God is with us! Together we can accomplish anything. Sharing with one another always increases joy and diminishes sorrow. May God bless you and the work of your hands!

 - Father Daniel Malingumu

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