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   Waiting... Preparing...
Advent is a season in anticipation of the birth of Christ in time. Now, what is meant by "the birth of Christ in time?" Our four Sundays of Advent are not just Sundays in preparation for the birth of a child destined to become the Savior of the nations, but the birth of a child every day in the hearts of every Christian and the future return of the second coming in time where everything will be taken back by our God.

May Christ come alive in you this Advent and every day!

Read this article answering what is Advent.

Watch these videos as well...


Ideas to make Advent a prayerful time of preparation:

Individual and Family Activities

  1. Little Blue Book: Pick up a Little Blue Book of Advent Reflections in the Commons. (available 11/30-12/1) Use this for either personal prayer and with your family. 

  2. Other Daily Online Reflections: Click on the links to sign up
    1. Bishop Robert Barron's Advent Reflections 
    2. Dynamic Catholic Best Advent Ever
    3. Loyola Press Sacred Advent Retreat

  3. Advent wreath: Setup an Advent wreath on the family table. Each week light an additional candle symbolizing the coming of Jesus into this world.
    1. Instructions are in the bookcase outside the Religious Formation office. 
    2. View this web page on making an Advent wreath
    3. View this video on making an Advent wreath
    4. Advent wreath prayers
    5. Advent wreath blessings and prayers

  4. Paper chain of prayers: Cut out 24 green and red construction paper strips. On each strip, write the name of a family member or friend or a situation. Staple the strips as links into one long garland. Hang the garland in your home as a decoration.

  5. Jesse Tree: Share with your children or grandchildren the stories of salvation and the many characters and events that lead-up to the birth of Jesus. Click here for easy instructions and the Scripture references.

  6. Manger scene: Slowly, over a period of days or weeks (depending on how many crèche pieces you have), set up your nativity scene. Reflect on each piece and the part they play in the Christmas story. If you have children/grandchildren let them set up the crèche and discuss with them the importance of each figure.

  7. Links to more family activities:
    1. 10 Advent Ideas For Families
    2. 100 + Simple Catholic Advent Crafts for Kids
    3. A list of more links from Strong Catholic Families 

Ascension Activities

  • Reconciliation Service: Wednesday, December 11 at 7pm in the Sanctuary

  • Christmas Concert: Sunday, December 15 at 3pm in the Sanctuary

  • Children’s Christmas Pageant "Journey to Bethlehem": Wednesday, December 18 at 4:30pm & 6:30pm. Our Ascension family is invited to attend!