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Parish Assessment 2022

Why we did it?

The assessment was conducted in an attempt to gather as much knowledge about where our parish stands on certain aspects of the church both as a whole and individually. This would then provide leadership with the necessary information to make decisions based on strengths already possessed, opportunities for improvement, and opprotunities to reach the marginalized communities.

 What did it consist of?

The assessment consisted of four main areas, each of which was filled out seperately: Worship, Evangelization, Education/Formation, and Service/ Social Justice. The number of responses was outstanding-Worship (388); Evangelization (249); Education/Formation (186); and Service/Social Justice (198).  There were 108 parishioners who responded using the on-line (108) and mailed (80).

Raw Data Links 

Final Results: Worship Raw Data
Demographics Worship Demographics
Worship Data Worship Responses
Evangelization Data Worship Comments From Parishioners
Formation/Education Data Formation/Education Raw Data
Service and Social Justice Data Formation/Education Demographics
Evangelization Raw Data Formation/Education Responses
Evangelization Demographics Formation/Education Comments From Parishioners
Evangelization Responses Service and Social Justice Raw Data
Evangelization Comments From Parishioners Service and Social Justice Demographics
Mail-In Service and Social Justice Responses
Mail-In Demographics Service and Social Justice Comments From Parishioners
Mail-In Responses Online
Online Demographics
Online Comments
Online Responses