Formation Opportunities

The journey of a Missionary Disciple begins with encounter and encounter begins with Jesus Christ!

What is a Missionary Disciple?

Encounter Opportunities: 

1. Encounter God through Living Joy!

Rediscover and learn to live JOY every day. Our adventure is based on Living Joy: 9 Rules to Help You Rediscover and Live Joy Every Day by Chris Stefanick.

Reflections from Janet Jones, Director of Faith Formation, about Living Joy:


2. Encountering Christ through Prayer

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    • Encountering God through Adoration: Christ is sacramentally present to us through the Eucharist.  Adoration is an opportunity and a gift that we have to encounter Christ in a very special way.  Come learn about the history of Adoration, the meaning behind it, and ways to enhance your Adoration practices.  Presenter:  Eileen Mayette, Lay Ecclesial Minister/Religious Educator. 

    • Encountering God through Centering Prayer: In the busyness of life, taking time to quiet our minds in prayer can draw us closer to our Lord and allow us to find ways to continually center our lives in  Christ.  Take time to learn how Centering Prayer can enrich your prayer practice with this century old form of Catholic contemplation.  Presenter:  Nancy Hess, Centering Prayer Leader and Instructor

    • Encountering God through Scripture:  To truly know someone, you must spend time with them.  This is no different for our relationship with Jesus.  Discover ways to encounter Jesus through the Good News of Scripture and grow in your relationship with Him.  Presenter:  Janet Jones, Lay Ecclesial Minister/Director of Religious Education

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Stay tuned for more activities!