Growing Into Our Future

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A Note From Our Pastor

We are blessed to have such a loving and giving parish family. Church of the Ascension is almost 50 years old and continues to Proclaim the Word of God, Celebrate the Eucharist, and Serve the Local Community. As we approach our 50th anniversary, let us continue "Growing Into Our Future" by strengthening the Ministry, Maintenance, and Mission of our parish. Please join me in supporting this campaign.

As I always say, "Kuyumba Halumo," which means We Walk Together.

~ Fr. Daniel J. Malingumu

Growing Into Our Future Town Hall Meeting

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Feasibility Study

Ascension conducted an in-person and online feasibility study to determine the needs of our parish and the support of this Capital Campaign.  Click here to review the feasiblity results.  After review of these results by the pastor, staff, pastoral council, finance council, building committee, and other parish leaders, it was determined to move forward with this campaign.  

As Ascension approaches our 50th Anniversary, it is also the perfect time to look to and lay the foundation for the future.

Campaign Case

  1. Build a NEW Parish Administrative Office
  2. Create a Fund to continue the Mission, Ministry, and Maintenance of Ascension Parish

Click here for the detailed Case Statement

Case Statement Financial Breakdown  $1,500,000

  • $ 842,100 New Parish Office
  • $580,300 Ministry, Maintenance, Mission Fund
  • $77,600 Administrative Fees

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Office Building Details

The New Parish Office will contain 5 offices, a meeting room, work room, two restrooms, storage, lobby, and reception area. It will provide for a single point of entrance into the church building outside of Mass times and scheduled events, allowing for better security of our property and safety of our staff and parishioners.  

Click here for current parish office renderings

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (click here)

How do I pledge?  And what is the pledge redemption time frame?

Each parishioner/family will receive a packet containing campaign information and a pledge card.  We ask that you fill out that card and return it to the parish office. The campaign pledge period is up to 5 years.  Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, yearly, or one time -- whatever is best for you.

The Growing Into Our Future Committee is offering several Town Hall meetings, and will also hand out packets two weekends (one in May and one in June) after Masses. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at these different events.

How can I donate?


    1. Online - you will be able to set up one time or reoccurring donations at
    2. Stock transfer - Contact the Business Office for the necessary form
    3. IRA distribution
    4. Check
    5. Cash