Our Parish Vision


 We are a thriving Spirit-filled faith community transforming lives for Christ.

As living disciples of Jesus, we passionately share the promise of the Gospel.

A welcoming family, we are engaged and spiritually nourished through our relationships, formation, vibrant personal and communal worship and our commitment to outreach.





We are all disciples of Jesus, joyfully living and sharing the Gospel.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we continuously work to transform ourselves, our parish family, the local community and the world for Christ.  We are knowledgeable about our faith. The Fruits of the Spirit are alive in us.  Others come to know Christ through our words and actions.  We are all “priest, prophet and king” as proclaimed in our Baptism.



The Ascension family walks together in faith.  Family is where faith is nurtured.  We embrace the generational and diverse nature of our individual and communal faith journeys. All are nurtured and strengthened, from the youngest to the oldest by the journey and the diversity within the family of Ascension. Everyone knows how to pray and tell their story of their relationship with Jesus. Generations work together in ministries, worship, outreach and sharing the Gospel.  We meet the needs of all generations from conception to eternal rest.



We are prayerful and joyful people. We encounter the tangible presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through spirit-filled worship. Through liturgy and sacraments and communal and private prayer, there is ongoing conversion and transformation.  Spending time in the presence of God nurtures our personal relationship with the Trinity and enhances our relationships with each other and everyone we meet.



People meet Jesus through us. We are His hands and feet to all people.  Respecting each individual, we build relationships and fulfill needs through love and kindness.  We advocate and work for justice and peace by identifying and addressing social issues impacting our world. We embrace God's command to love our neighbors as ourselves.



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