Pastoral Care

For assistance with medical concerns:

Anointing of the Sick or hopitalized parishioners please contact the Parish offce at 757-495-1886 extension 410.

Ministry to the Sick: Provides Eucharist to those who are hospitalized or homebound. To arrange a visit, contact Steve Cyrs at 757-635-7590 or stev[email protected] to schedule a visit wou our volunteer ministers.

If you wish to bringHoly communion home to a loved one yourself you need to contact Father Daniel or one of our deacons before Mass and request a container for the host (called a pyx).  When you approach the Eucharistic Minister or clergy for Communion during Mass, open the pyx and the Eucharistic Minister will place a consecrated host in the pyx.  There are prayer booklets and instructions available in the sacristy on how to properly give communion in the home.

Disability Parish Advocate: This ministry supports the Diocesan Office for and with persons with disabilities. Contact Angela Kahler at 409-2122.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: To request a Prayer Shawl, contact Colleen Charlton (467-6842) or Chris Krueger (467-4968)