PK3-5th Grade Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation 2022-2023: We are still taking registrations for Wednesday at 4:45pm and homeschool. Please contact: email Kim Kennedy / 495-1886 ext. 426 for registration information.

If you are new to our parish or to our Religious Formation programs and are interested in enrolling your child(ren) in our 3-year old - 5th grade Family Faith and have questions, please contact us: email Kim Kennedy / 495-1886 ext. 426


Family Faith Formation is an exciting opportunity to encounter God in your homes and grow your faith as a family. Parents and children gather monthly to pray, break open the Word of God, and then receive lessons appropriate for their age level. As a parent, you will gather with other parents and deepen your faith through teachings and discussions. The children are dismissed to hear their lesson in an age-appropriate way.  Our formation program serves children as young as age 3. Children who are younger are most welcome to stay with their parents. We hope to provide an opportunity for families to get to know each other while growing in their faith as a parent, as a family, and as an individual.

When/Where is Family Faith Formation? 

  • Families gather at Ascension once per month for a lesson and to receive materials for the upcoming month (8 gatherings per year)
  • You select the best time for your family to attend: 
    • Sundays: 9:25 am- 10:20 am- This option for 2022-2023 is full!
    • Wednesdays: 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm NOTE: new time
  • We will gather as a group in the ACC

Schedules for 2022-2023

Is there a fee? 

Yes. Our fee is based on the number of children per family being registered in all of our PK-HS programs:
First child:  $65, Second child:  $25 additional ($90 total); Third child:  $25 additional ($115 total); Fourth child & beyond:  No extra fee.
Child preparing for 1st Holy Communion: $30 additional fee

Child preparing for Confirmation: No additional charge

If for whatever reason, you are unable to afford the fee, please contact us: email Kim Kennedy / 495-1886 ext. 426

Click here to online payment

Select "Church of the Ascension." Select "One-time" payment and "Religious Formation". Thank you!



What is the benefit of Family Faith- parents joining in with their children?

Here are a few of the benefits…

    1. Faith is lived out in your home as a family. How you love each other, celebrate each other, forgive each other, support each other speaks volumes of who God is. We want to partner with you to help your faith come even more alive in your family.
    2. At your child’s Baptism, you made the promise to grow your child’s faith. We, as a Church, have not done enough to support you in this effort. We have wrongly given you the impression that faith is something you learn in a classroom. While knowledge of faith strengthens us, our faith is, above all, an encounter with Jesus Christ. Our Family Faith Formation sessions are designed to help you as a family encounter Jesus together.
    3. Just as you build community with other parents at your child’s school, extra-curricular activities, or in your neighborhood, it is imperative for parents to gather and build community amongst others who share your belief. We grow in our own faith by being in community!

Other Advantages of Family Faith Formation 

  • More freedom within your family's schedule.
    • There is only one gathering per month rather than a weekly class
    • Monthly lessons can be scheduled when it works best for your family
  • Opportunities to gather with other adults and share faith at the monthly gatherings
  • Family bonding opportunities through the recommended activities for the month
  • Sharing faith within your family at your home is more impactful for your child(ren) than attending a weekly class 

How do I teach my child at home?                                                            

  • We are committed to helping you succeed in bringing faith formation into your home
  • The curriculums we selected have easy to follow lesson plans
    • 3-year olds - K: Allelu!
    • 1st - 5th grades: Discover!
      • Discover has an optional online lesson
  • Minimal time needed for core material is 20 minutes; recommended additional learning and activities will take longer
  • Links to Home Guides: