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Synod (2021-2024)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus,
With immense gratitude I have the distinct honor of sharing with you the National Synthesis of the People of God 
in the United States of America for the Diocesan Phase of the 2021-2023 Synod: For a Synodal Church: Communion, 
Participation, and Mission. This pivotal document is the culmination of ten months of intentional listening 
throughout the Church in the U.S.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
Earlier this year, our clergy and faithful journeyed together as we listened, encountered and accompanied one another in answering Pope Francis’ invitation to embark upon a synodal process. 
In June 2022, we finalized our diocesan phase of this synod process, and the following 12 page report provides the results of your participation in this consultative endeavor. It is my hope that you will take the time to read the diocesan report, as it is a fusion of the many voices of all who walked in communion on this shared journey.

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The most significant aspect of communion was the power of the universality and global 
perspective of the Catholic Church. Worshippers across the world share the same common 
Eucharistic experience. This provides a core belief that unifies all Catholics. At the parish level, 
the most shared characteristic was a feeling of being a member of a welcoming family with many 
opportunities to grow and minister to others.

Discusion and Dialogue

Social Media was seen to have both positive and negative impacts. Although it is a great way to 
communicate, we struggle to harness it for good, discern the truth, and inform those who don’t 
have access to it.

Mission and Participation

Evangelization is still very new to most Catholics. Although we have taken some steps to 
empower people, there is a significant gap in the number of people who have participated in 
opportunities to learn more. Most people spoke about the gaps and obstacles to evangelization.


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