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Parish Visioning Project

Parish Visioning has been identified by the Pastoral Plan as an important piece of the next planning cycle (2019-2022). The Visioning project will be completed in time for Ascension's 50th Anniversary celebration in 2022.

Why do we need a vision project?

Visioning is a critical process in the continued growth and development of a Community. In order to fulfill our Mission as a Catholic Community and be good stewards of the gifts and resources at our disposal, we need a clear direction for our future. A vision helps us do that by creating a mental picture of what we want to achieve; a picture so clear and inspiring that we can see the results.

Why is visioning important?

A vision inspires action and creates an energy that propels us forward.

It provides us with a practical guide for creating plans and goals, evaluating projects, and making decisions.

It keeps us focused and together even through complex projects or difficult times. 

A clear vision will challenge us to continue growing in our faith and fulfilling our Mission as a Catholic Community.

Vision Planning Team

We are members of the Parish Community chartered with Fr. Daniel and the Strategic Planning Committee to develop and create a process that engages and inspires parishioners to envision the future for the Community of Ascension.

Members of the team:

Kathy Hevey (Chair)
Bridgett Passauer
Dana Hlusko
Diane Burke

Parish Engagement

The visioning process is already underway! The first session was held in June with the Adult Faith Formation and New Evangelization Committees.  In September, Department Heads and Staff participated in a visioning session.

From November through mid-February, sessions will be held for those involved in Parish ministries. Beginning in February 2020, sessions will be scheduled for specific groups, such as the YOA, single adults 18-35, parishoners with young families, and others. Two open Parish Meetings will also be scheduled.

There is nothing for you to do ahead of time to prepare for a visioning meeting; just come with an open heart and mind. You will be engaged in sharing your hopes and stories for our future.


How can I get involved?

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us on this journey.

Sign up to participate in one of the small group sessions OR attend one of the parish meetings.

Sign-ups will begin soon! Check this page, the bulletin, and the screens in the commons for updates.


Thank you for your support and participation as we work together to ensure our beloved parish of Ascension will continue to be a faith-filled, Spirit-led community for years to come!

Visioning meeting with Ascension staff & department heads