Endowment Committee

The mission of the Church of the Ascension Endowment Fund is to promote the renewal, the continuation, and the expansion of the Catholic faith.  The legacy of the fund will be a growing faith community which flourishes into the future.


The objectives of the endowment fund are

  • To foster an environment which encourages and facilitates the enlargement of the faith community
  • To stimulate, encourage and support religious vocations
  • To provide the opportunity for our Catholic youth to grow in their knowledge of the history, tradition, and creed of the Catholic faith and in shouldering their social responsibility


How to Contribute to the Endowment Fund

  • Use the Endowment Fund envelopes-cash or check payable to “Church of the Ascension Endowment Fund”
  • Cash or check delivered to Parish Office or Business Office, specifying Endowment Fund”, or credit card/other electronic methods
  • Donations of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Certificates of Deposit, Real Estate, Land
  • Designation of specific dollar amount or a percentage of the estate in your Will
  • Designation of Endowment Fund as a Beneficiary in your life insurance policy
  • Memorial gifts honoring a person or special occasion
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Estate Plans
  • Donations from organizations, such as foundations and corporations



  • These provide funds in direct support of the goals and objectives of the Endowment Fund
  • Grants will only be considered which meet at least one of the objectives of the Endowment Fund
  • Grants may be made to individuals, groups or organizations which meet these objectives
  • Grants shall only be made from investment income (interest, dividends, capital gains distributions), less investment expenses. The annual grant amount will be determined after the annual report is completed for the prior year. 
  • Requests-all requests must be in writing and explain how the requested funds would be used and submitted to the Endowment Fund Committee using the Grant Request Form


Endowment Committee Members:

  • Rex Fitch Jr.
  • Roger Blood
  • Michael Maliniak
  • Rev. Daniel Malingumu
  • Lisa Liedl (non-voting)


For more information or to volunteer for the committee, contact Lisa at 495-1886 x422 or email Lisa