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Weekly Financial Standing

Dear Parishioners,

Several weeks ago, when this COVID-19 pandemic impacted our ability to meet in person, we saw a huge drop of over 50% in our offertory. Our staff was gifted with some training to help us stream Mass online, including a “virtual” offertory, and the response from you, our parish family, has been overwhelming. Many people have switched to online giving, and others are mailing in their offertories. We have been blessed with some larger-than-normal donations from those who are able to support the parish financially during this time of need. Saying thank you does not fully express the depth of appreciation felt by Father Daniel and our financial office.

Various experts tell us that the next several months, and possibly years, will be impacted by this pandemic in many ways, especially financially. We do not know what the future will hold, and we are moving forward cautiously with our spending to be the best stewards of the monies you have given, and continue to gift, to Ascension. Our Pastor and staff continue to work with resources provided by the Diocese of Richmond with input from our Finance Council.

I especially appreciate those who have reached out to the Business Office with insight and suggestions during this challenging time. There are opportunities like the CARES Act and other funding that we are looking into with guidance from the Diocese Finance Office. Please keep your suggestions coming!

Our personal lives have been greatly impacted during this time of social distancing. The desire for connection with our Church family has been evident. Our staff and, when possible, volunteers will continue to find ways to stay connected. This may be in the form of live streaming, recorded messages, mailings, or phone calls. Please reach out to our parish if you need anything. You can call 757-495-1886 ext. 410 or email [email protected]

Thank you for supporting our parish and for the support you give to me personally. I am blessed to be able to serve this dedicated and loving family.

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration


Weekly  Financial Report 

Sunday, May 24, 2020  
week 47
Weekly Budget General Fund 21,230.00
Actual Collection General Fund 24,162.00
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget 2,932.00
Year To Date Budgeted Collection 1,018,785.00
Year to Date Actual Collection 1,036,859.77
Over   or (Under) Yearly Budget $18,074.77
Capital Improvement Actual 451.00
Capital Improvement Budget 1,058.00
Year to Date Budgeted 49,726.00
Year To Date Actual 45,221.09
over or (under) Yearly Budget ($4,504.91)
Loose Cash 10.00
Envelopes and loose Checks 17,281.00
General Fund Online 6,221.00
Holy Day 650.00
Total Offertory 24,162.00
Social Ministry 320.00
Social Ministry online 783.00
Catholic Virginian 65.00
Holy Father 80.00
Endowment 60.00
Home Mission 20.00
Total  $25,490.00
Capital Improvement 406.00
Capital Improvement online 45.00
Total $451.00