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Weekly Financial Standing


Dear Parishioners,

Please join us for our livestreamed Masses if you are not  yet coming back in person.   If you are able to conintue your support of our parish you may do so in person, online or via United States Post Office Mail.  Thank you for your financial support.

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration

17-Jan-21 29
Weekly Budget 21,230.00
Acutal Collection 20,595.00
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget (635.00)
Year To Date Budgeted Collection 626,170.00
Year to Date Actual Collection ** 621,842.85
Over  or (Under) Yearly Budget (4,327.15)
Capital improvement collection 660.00
Weekly budget 769.00
Year to Date Budgeted 22,301.00
Yeart To Date Actual 28,124.00
over or (under) Yearly Budet  5,823.00
Loose Cash 473.00
Envelopes and loose Checks 9,250.00
General Fund Online 10,667.00
Holy Day 110.00
Christmas Mass 95.00
Total Offertory 20,595.00
Social Ministry 1,345.00
Social Ministry online  80.00
Endowment 10.00
Catholic Virginian 145.00
Christmas Flowers 10.00
Retired Religious 0.00
Archdiocese  10.00
Catholic Charities 70.00
Respect Life 10.00
World Missions 0.00
Total   22,275.00
Capital Improvments 335.00
Capital Improvement online 325.00
Special one time donation 0.00
total 660.00