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Weekly Financial Standing


Dear Parishioners,

As we enter Fall 2021 please know how much your support of our pairsh is appreciated.  You can see from the numbers below we are under expected budget by amoth $50.000. Your continued support is vital to the success of our many ministries.  

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration

10-Oct-21 15
Weekly Budget 21650.00
Acutal Collection 18015.80
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget (3634.20)
Year To Date Budgeted Collection 322000.00
Year to Date Actual Collection ** 273941.93
Over  or (Under) Yearly Budget (48058.07)
** bank and online corrections as of 9-27-21  
Capital improvement collection 486.00
Weekly budget 673.08
Year to Date Budgeted 10096.15
Yeart To Date Actual 7353.00
over or (under) Yearly Budet  (2743.15)
Loose Cash 384.60
Envelopes and loose Checks 6280.20
General Fund Online 11351.00
Holy Day 0.00
Total Offertory 18015.80
Social Ministry 15.00
Social Ministry online  655.00
Endowment 128.00
Catholic Virginian 0.00
World Missions 71.00
USCCB Disaster Reliefe 0.00
Retired Religious 20.00
Weekly Total 18904.80
Capital Improvement 316.00
Capital Improvement online 170.00
Special one time donation 0.00
Weekly Total 486.00
Growing Into Our Future  4618.00
Growing into our Future online 9018.00
Weekly Total 13636.00