Weekly Financial Standing


Thank you to all for your generous donations!

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration

20-Nov-22 21
General Fund Income  
Weekly Budget 21,650.00
Actual Collection 20,831.10
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget (818.90)
Year To Date Budgeted Collection 430,250.00
Year to Date Actual Collection * 485,888.68
Over  or (Under) Yearly Budget 55,638.68
Capital Improvement/Replacement Fund Income  
Weekly budget 538.46
Actual Collection 178.00
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget  (360.46)
Year to Date Budgeted 11,307.69
Year To Date Actual 10,159.00
Over or (Under) Yearly Budget  (1,148.69)
Social Ministry Fund Income  
Weekly Budget 1,618.27
Actualy Income   1,735.00
Over or  (Under) Weekly Budget 116.73
Year to Date Budgeted 33,983.65
Year To Date Actual   41,844.99
Over or (Under) Yearly Budget  7,861.34
Weekly recap  
General Fund Income  
Loose Cash 950.10
Envelopes and loose Checks 10,167.00
General Fund Online 9,694.00
holy day 20.00
Total General Collection 20,831.10
Catholic VA 50.00
Endowment 0.00
Chirstmas Collection 10.00
Chirstmas Flowers 30.00
Catholic Charities 25.00
Weekly Total 20,946.10
Social Ministry Income  
Social Ministry  Sunday Collection 915.00
Social Ministry online  820.00
Additional Dontaion 0.00
weekly Total 1,735.00
Capital Improvement Income  
Capital Improvement Collection 178.00
Capital Impovement Online 0.00
Weekly Total 178.00
Growing Into Our Future   Income  
Growing Into Our Future Collection 1,100.22
Growing into our Future online 2,036.34
Weekly Total 3,136.56

I recommend, especially if you are of an age where you must take withdrawls from your IRA, that you check with a financial advisor to find out the most beneficial way to give to charitiable organization, like our parish.