4853 Princess Anne Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23462-4446

Weekly Financial Standing

12-Jul-20 Week 2
Weekly Budget 21,230.00
Atutal Collection 29,435.00
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget 8,205.00
Year To Date Budgeted Collection 42,460.00
Year to Date Actual Collection ** 43,142.00
Over  or (Under) Yearly Budget 682.00
Capital improvement collection 660.00
Weekly budget 1,058.00
Year to Date Budgeted 2,116.00
Year To Date Actual 1,413.00
over or (under) Yearly Budget  (703.00)
Loose Cash 155.00
Envelopes and loose Checks 13,156.00
General Fund Online 16,124.00
holy day  
Total Offertory 29,435.00
Social Ministry 1,420.00
Social Ministry online  510.00
Catholic Virginian 50.00
holy father 15.00
Catholic Charities 30.00
retired religious  
Total   31,460.00
Capital Improvements 405.00
Capital Improvement online 255.00
Special one time donation  
total 660.00


Dear Parishioners,

As we continue to navigate through the  COVID19 pandemic your continued support of our parish is appreciate.  As you know we have opened for weekday and weekend Mass and we continue to  stream Masses for those not ready to return.  We continue to take this virus very seriously and are taking all necessary measures to try to ensure the safety of all those who enter our facility.  We have ordered extra cleaning supplies and equipment.  In the next several weeks a new camera and upgraded sound system will be installed to allow long term live streaming to reach all those at home.  The food pantry and social outreach remain very active and religious formation is exploring ways to meet the needs of our parish in the fall.

Thank you for your financial support.

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration