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Weekly Financial Standing


Dear Parishioners,

Easter Masses were wonderful and I am happy to say that having a second Mass in the ACC at the 8:15am and 10:30am kept us from having to turn anyone away.  We were blessed to have some many come for this wonderful weekend.  

Thank you for your conintued support of our Parish.  Please review the financial information below.  You will note we are under budget for expected income by almost $30,000, your help is needed and appreciated.

God Bless each of you,

Lisa Liedl, Director of Administration

11-Apr-21 41
Weekly Budget $21,230.00
Acutal Collection $36,433.01
Over or (Under) Weekly Budget $15,203.01
Year To Date Budgeted Collection $891,405.00
Year to Date Actual Collection ** $878,504.79
Over  or (Under) Yearly Budget ($12,900.21)
** bank corrections, online updates, etc.   
Capital improvement collection $783.00
Weekly budget $769.00
Year to Date Budgeted $31,529.00
Yeart To Date Actual $35,798.00
over or (under) Yearly Budet  $4,269.00
Loose Cash 511.01
Envelopes and loose Checks 14,463.00
General Fund Online 17,314.00
Ash Wednesday 0.00
Easter 4,145.00
Total Offertory 36,433.01
Social Ministry 495.00
Social Ministry online  605.00
Endowment 0.00
Catholic Virginian 500.00
Annual Appeal 0.00
Rice Bowl 0.00
Catholic Relief 0.00
Easter Flowers 40.00
Health Wagon 0.00
Total   38,073.01
Capital Improvments 578.00
Capital Improvement online 205.00
Special one time donation 0.00
total 783.00